Barcelona Tapas Concept

This is a project to promote Tapas all over the world. GastroEuphoria cooperates with creative Chefs and excellent producers to make known and circulate the knowledge of Tapas.

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What we do

GastroEuphoria is a showcase for singular, evolved, innovative products. This links, like the Assembly Kitchen, the whole process from the producer to the final consumer.

GastroEuphoria is a platform for the export of quality food products and supplements intended for international markets.

It is a buffet of new trends, techniques and applications for the Assembly Kitchen which unites small and medium producers and their innovative products with high demand markets in search of something different.

It is the company which connects and manages producers with initiative, ambitious, energetic, forward-thinking chefs and distributors who are in search of innovative products.


TERRA D’ASPRES – the olive oil which one can also drink!

The unmistakable taste of the olive oil of the Argudell variety from the centuries-old olive trees in the Empordà region really surprises one. This is the first crop from ancient, recovered olive trees and it is distinguished by a new form of cold extraction. We can highly recommend it to all those who enjoy the taste of pure olive oil.

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This process prolongs the “sell by date” of liquid and solid products, by preserving the sensory and nutritional quality which is usually reduced with pasteurisation. Hyperbaric is a cold pasteurisation technique (between 4,000 and 6,000 bars) which represents a real alternative to thermal or chemical treatments.

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An association of chefs which promotes the use of lesser known fish which is usually thrown back into the sea, with the help of recipes and technical specifications for other chefs and consumers with the collaboration of fishing vessel owners and supermarket chains.