TERRA D’ASPRES – the olive oil which one can also drink!

The unmistakable taste of the olive oil of the Argudell variety from the centuries-old olive trees in the Empordà region really surprises one. This is the first crop from ancient, recovered olive trees and it is distinguished by a new form of cold extraction. We can highly recommend it to all those who enjoy the taste of pure olive oil. We are, therefore, adding Terra d’Aspres to the selection of GastroEuphoria products.



This process prolongs the “sell by date” of liquid and solid products, by preserving the sensory and nutritional quality which is usually reduced with pasteurisation. Hyperbaric is a cold pasteurisation technique (between 4,000 and 6,000 bars) which represents a real alternative to thermal or chemical treatments.

This company offers a reasonably priced hire service for each 200 kg approximately, and is aimed at producers of IV and V range food products.,


An association of chefs which promotes the use of lesser known fish which is usually thrown back into the sea, with the help of recipes and technical specifications for other chefs and consumers with the collaboration of fishing vessel owners and supermarket chains.

GOURMET GASTRO AND DELI TRAYS + SUPPORTS OF THE 100% CHEF BRAND which have been specially designed for displays or for waiters walking round serving at banquets, buffets, self-service dining rooms or gourmet shops.

They allow one to choose the accessories and form one’s own kit and serve any preparation by combining all kinds of products on one sole tray. Possibility of illumination.

Innovation in the world of Sandwiches, (Horeca Expo Fair 2014, Ghent, Belgium)

From production and preservation (24 hours), the presentation of ingredients, visible, individual placing which allows the clientele to choose the type of bread, always fresh and crusty, – humidity being a thing of the past -, fast mounting of ingredients onto chosen bread in front of client.

Adaptable to all businesses. Benefits in productivity, expiry dates, diversification and display of ingredients – we also eat with our eyes -, presentation, serving time and customer loyalty.

Time for a new revolution in desserts, Horeca Expo Fair 2014, Ghent, Belgium)

Interesting space promoted by the Fair in collaboration with 6 producer exhibitors as a live demonstration of new tendencies, combining and marrying with presentation material to prepare the desserts jointly with coffee, tea, herbal teas and a selection of sweet snacks. Importance of the integration of show cooking in all areas of the restaurant business.

Barcelona’s Forum Gastronomic.

We would like to inform you of some of the novelties we came across at the Barcelona’s Forum Gastronomic. We find them interesting due to their innovative capacity and quality which  would appear to be of great interest.


100% Chef in the Benelux Market

GastroEuphoria has reached an agreement with a Belgian Company to promote and distribute the brand 100% Chef on the Benelux Market.


San Sebastian Gastronomika Congress (6-8 October, 2014)

We highlight the interesting novelties in this Culinary Journey with regard to the 120 sauces from all over the world, the ham knife in stainless steel with a controlled temperature and the 3 ingredients of white and black grape polyphenolic extract.


The preparation of a Catalonian Gastronomic Map of producers and innovative chefs

GastroEuphoria cooperates in the preparation of this map, promoted by the University of Barcelona in its Food Campus in Sta. Coloma de Gramanet, coordinated by Professor Pere Castells Esqué.


GastroEuphoria at Biz Barcelona

On 5th June, 2014 Ramon Guardia i Torrent gave a talk under the title of “GastroEuphoria: in the shadow of a gastronomic miracle”.


The Launching of Vegetable Sheets on the USA markets

After many months of hard work, GastroEuphoria launched vegetable sheets on the USA market.



GastroEuphoria cooperates with the company El Catering de la Comunicació

El Catering de la Comunicació is an advertising agency and consultancy specializing in gastronomy and the restaurant business.